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Longinexx Review

Longinexx is a male enhancement pill designed primarily as a penis enlarger. It’s blend includes vein swelling amino acids acids that improve erection strength, size, and supposedly endurance. Longinexx also includes testosterone boosters and natural aphrodisiacs. By combining all three types of these ingredients, Longinexx hopes to provide you with longer lasting, highly satisfying, and more fulfilling sex.

Ingredients In Longinexx

Longinexx uses Bulgarina Tribulus Terrestris, Yohimbe, Cnidium Monnier, and Eurycome Longifolia but its main ingredients are L-Arginine AKG and a patented mix of Piper Longum and Butea Superba.

Does Longinexx Produce Results?

As most all penis enlargers, Longinexx contains L-Arginine. When this amino acid is metabolized by the body, the natural byproduct is nitric oxide gas. When veins are exposed to this gas, they swell and dilate. When veins in the penis dilate, more blood can flow into the tissue. This means erections are using more blood to grow to even larger sizes. This increase in size can be as small as 10% but there have been some reports of 35%. Most of the other ingredients are steroids, testosterone boosters, or aphrodisiacs. While they might get you in the mood for intercourse, they don’t necessarily enhance the act of sex.

Side Effects of Longinexx

Longinexx contains Yohimbe. This tree bark extract has been tied to some cases of blood pressure issues, including stroke and heart attack.

Conclusion on Longinexx

Although Longinexx is jammed with several ingredients, we only really see a few of them offer any kind of male enhancing benefits. The L-Arginine will increase the size of an erection and the vaso blend should increase the intensity, but male enhancement isn’t all about increasing size. Longinexx doesn’t focus on improving performance, mood, or stamina. Having a bigger penis doesn’t really matter if it still only works for 30 seconds. We suggest looking into products that offer benefits in size and performance. Longinexx’s focus is too narrow to be worth its cost.

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